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Spudman article about automation at Irving Farms in Caribou, Maine
  • Why Automation?

    Why Automation?

    Labor Farm labor is expensive, don’t waste it on tasks that are better managed with automation. We constantly hear from growers about the challenge to find quality workers and the desire to help their current work force improve productivity. Technology has addressed this issue by providing the farmer with innovation: GPS guided tractors, improved crop […]

  • IAS Introduces the Alert IV

    Alert 4

    Irrigation Automation Systems ( introduces the Alert IV to it’s Already expansive line up of data monitoring systems. The Alert IV provides the grower the option of linking up to 8 RF90II sensor radios throughout his operation. Consider the cranberry grower who does not need to automate his pump but still needs an accurate accounting […]

  • Diesel Driven Center Pivot Automation

    Pivot Install (2)

    Irrigation Automation Systems is proud to announce that they have successfully automated a pump and pivot generator driven by diesel engines with our XR3000 II™. This breakthrough will allow growers the ability to remotely start or schedule start and monitor their irrigation systems, saving them time, money and water application. Lowering overhead and eliminating time […]