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  • Smart Agriculture and the Internet of Things

    The use of the phrase “Internet Of Things” is so broad and pervasive that it has seemingly taken on a life of it’s own, where IoT is the market and companies are jockeying for position to be the ones to sell their IoT products to other IoT players. That being said, what about applying this […]

  • Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor Starts Irrigation Pump

    Soil Moisture Start

    At our R&D center in the historic Whitinsville mill, we put together a short video demonstrating how to automatically start an irrigation pump using the IAS XR3000 and an RF90 wireless soil moisture sensor. This same method using IAS XR3000s and RF90s with soil moisture sensors was deployed at the Community Harvest Project this season […]

  • Monitor Remote Pump Starts

    The video below demonstrates how to define a simple Text Message alert that is generated when a pump is remotely started or stopped.  In this case, the pump is being controlled by a Murphy Controls ML2000, and connected to the Internet with a Tradewinds RMS3000.  This method can be very useful to monitor remote pumps […]